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Benefits of writing your emotions

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster. This chapter in life is a struggle and challenging at times but it is also full of excitement as you prepare to welcome your little one and start your own family.

During pregnancy, many women struggle with the hormone cocktail. Physical transformations are expected however this process isn’t just about a body transformation, it’s a journey of self discovery. Many women feel overwhelmed as they face a number of concerns and uncertainty during this time. Rather than ignoring these issues, confront them by writing it down. By putting pen to paper you are able to tackle these challenges one at a time.


The art of expressing emotions through writing has been done for many centuries. It is the inspiration for song lyrics, poems and entire books. Unloading your thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns onto paper is an extremely therapeutic exercise that even has health benefits during pregnancy. Its also a great resource to look back on when you have baby number two, or reflecting on your pregnancy.


Communicating openly and clearly is a difficult task for most of us, without the assistance of additional raging hormones.  Establishing a journal can help to close many of those mental ‘tabs’ and release much of the weight off your shoulders. If writing seems like too much of an overwhelming task or you are more of a creative person, try drawing or incorporating the use of photographs. Emotional journal writing is a great tool for reducing stress and relationship bonding.


This journal can be as personal and private as you like or it could be a resource you and your partner use to communicate to each other. This is a valuable insight into how one another is feeling or ask for things without feeling guilty – back massage please! It is normal for the dynamics of a relationship to change during pregnancy but finding a way to communicate openly is key in order to understand where each other is at.

Our pregnancy journal is the perfect tool for you to start recording the journey. It is the ideal pregnancy companion for you to express your feelings and communicate with your partner. The benefits of writing your emotions at the time of pregnancy can be a beautiful bonding experience, communication survival guide and stress reliever.

They make for the perfect gift for any new parent!