About us

Hi World!
Welcome to the home of Belle & Grace Boutique. We have just one goal in mind: to offer the most elegant, yet practical keepsakes for parents, parents-to-be, and anyone who has these people in their lives.
I started Belle & Grace Boutique after my daughter was born and after having spent ages looking for a milestone journal that I could record my daughters milestones in, and give to her when she had grown up. I wanted something that was classic, stylish with a modern design. While I found a few keepsake books out there, there were none that seemed to tick all the boxes with a modern minimalist design. 
I wanted something that she and I would both cherish forever…. and that is when it hit me. Why cant I design a journal like that? After speaking with other mums it dawned on me that there were others out there who wanted these items, but wanted them to be timeless, simple yet elegant, and practical…
...so thats what I did and Belle & Grace was born!!
P.S. I wanted an extra line in here about me, not just my business. I and am mother to a beautiful baby girl, and married to the best man in the world (he wrote that).
When buying from us you are buying from me, a mum who has put her passion for motherhood and beautiful things into each of her products. I sincerely hope you love our products, because I loved making them!


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